Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walk MS Team Week: Go For the Gold!

Thank you for helping make Team Week a huge success! Together we recruited 400+ new MS Olympians in the last week of February! These teams completed an Olympic feat, and the medal podium is theirs to share. Here are the final results:
Most Team Members Registered
Gold: The A-Team takes home gold with 43 new team members!
Silver: MOM Team wins the silver with 30 new team members!
Bronze: ECPI- Eagles in Flight earn the bronze by registering 19 new members!

Highest Percentage Increase in Team Members
Gold: MOM Team increased an astounding 600% and takes home gold!
Silver: The A-Team wins silver with a 538% increase!
Bronze: Blasskickers medals in bronze with a 300% increase!

Check out the prizes here. Whether your team took home a 'medal' or not, you are still an MS Olympian! Those 400+ new Walk MS participants are the total of ALL teams' recruitment efforts. Congratulations to everyone! Mark your calendars for March 22-26, when our second Walk MS Team Week of the year will take place.

Just because Team Week is over doesn't mean you can't continue recruiting! We still want to reach our goal of having the largest Walk MS EVER at the National Capitol Chapter with 8,000 participants!

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