Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fundraising Deadline May 28th

We're in the home stretch!  Walk MS 2010 total fundraising has already passed ONE MILLION DOLLARS and we're not done yet!  You still have until May 28th to turn in donations for Walk MS 2010.  To help you with some last minute fundraising ideas, here is a special note from Team Captain Bronwen Blass of the Blasskickers, an Elite Feet Top Fundraising Team:

1.) Speak to your HR Dept to see if your company matches charitable contributions. If so, this alone could double your personal donation!

2.) Have a bake sale to reach your goal. People love baked goods and are definitely willing to shell out a few bucks to buy them, particularly if it's for a good cause. So bake up (or even buy!) some cookies, brownies, muffins, whatever you like to make/bring. Set them up with a little sign featuring picture of you and your team at Walk MS and you're in business!

3.) Put a jar and a sign at your desk advertising that you participated in Walk MS and requesting donations. That way, people will know you're supporting the MS Society without you even saying a word and can feel free to support your efforts! You probably have a co-worker who knows someone with MS too and would welcome the opportunity to contribute.

4.) You see and talk to your friends and co-workers all the time. If you give them a chance they’ll probably start the conversation. Picture it: You’re standing out the office coffee maker and your co-worker asks what you've been up to lately . . . Your friend give you a call to catch up . . . BOOM! That’s your opening - let them know you participated in Walk MS and would love to have their support. It could be the most lucrative cup of coffee you’ve ever had at your office!

Thanks to Browen for sharing her tried and true fundraising ideas! If you need help reaching you goal or want to brainstorm about Walk MS fundraising, call the Chapter at 202.296.5363, option 2 or contact Teams@MSandYOU.org.

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